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Below are a few overviews of some of the services we at Spartan Plumbing offer. If you do not see a service for what you are in need of please feel free to call our office and we can discuss your project and see what we can offer to be of assistance. 

Drain Cleaning Services

We use cable machines that have blades in different sizes to clear and clean your homes drain lines properly. We can clear most any drain including but not limited to:         

  • Toilet and urinal backups/slow draining    

  • Main sewer line backups/slow draining

  • Tub and shower backups/slow draining

  • Kitchen sink backups/slow draining

  • Bathroom sink backups/slow draining

  • Floor drain backups/slow draining

  • Laundry drain line backups/slow draining

  • Laundry/mop sink backups/slow draining

Sewer Line Repairs/Replacement

We offer estimates to repair a portions of your sewer line or for replacement of the full sewer line.  We offer several different options when it comes to repairing or replacing the sewer line to your home or business!

Camera Inspection 

With the camera inspection we can look at the inside condition of your sewer line. It is possible to see tree root penetration, pipe deterioration, low spots, cracked pipes, leaking joints, joint separations, joint offsets and collapsed sections of pipe. In Colorado, there are highly expansive soils which can compound these potential problems. Clay tile pipe, iron pipe, Orangeburg pipe and settling pipes may eventually need to be replaced for proper pipe function.

We at Spartan Plumbing are also offering to re-examine the footage of your sewer pipe to give an honest second opinion regarding its maintenance, repair or replacement.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a service utilized when cable machines can not clear a drain line or if there is excessive buildup of grease or other deposits. It is a high-pressure sprayer that uses water to blast away buildup, sludge, debris and some soft clogs that have built up in your drain lines.

Water Heaters
Water Line Repair/Replacement
Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
Other Services

We install and repair water heaters of any size, from smaller water heaters under kitchen or bathroom sinks, to full size residential, or tankless water heaters. We also do preventative maintenance to ensure that your equipment stays in good working condition.

We offer repair and replacement options for both interior and exterior water service lines. Most homes built prior to 1960 will have galvanized or lead lines that over time will corrode or start to rust. We offer a no cost estimate to replace or repair your water service line, give us Spartan Plumbing a call to schedule.

We offer bathroom & kitchen faucet repair, replacement or installation.  Whether you have a minor drip or a major break, we can repair any faucet problem quickly and efficiently. Give Spartan Plumbing a call today if you are experiencing any of the following:    

  • Dripping faucets/fixtures

  • Leaking faucets/fixtures

  • Broken faucets/fixtures

  • Water pressure problems in faucets

  • Incorrectly installed faucets/fixtures

  • More!

Other Services include but not limited to:       

  • Preventative Cabling Maintenance

  • Toilet repair/replacement

  • Outdoor faucet repair/replacement

  • Washer box repair/replacement

  • Sump pump repair/replacement

  • Bathroom remodels & rough-ins

  • Replacement of shut off valves, gate valves and more

  • Commercial Plumbing Services

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